Sunday, May 12, 2024

Steve Hazlett

In January of 2021, I decided to seek out an address for Steve Hazlett. I discovered that he was a professional hunting guide. I found the address of the company that he guides for and sent him my card and the following letter.

Eighteen days later I got a "return to sender" because there was no mail receptacle at that address.

After a little more than a month, I tried again with another address that I had found. I scratched out the date on my original letter and replaced it with the date that I re-sent it on.

Sadly, that address didn't work for me either. 53 days later I got another RTS notice.

A fellow autograph collector on Twitter, @pintandrew, had success with Mr. Hazlett and gave me the address that he had sent to. So, once again, I scribbled out the previous date, wrote the current date, and sent it out for hopefully the third and final time.

Seven days later my card came back signed.

Steve signed a 1994 Classic Best Gold card #66.

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