Friday, October 11, 2013

D.J. Steve Dee

On April 1, 2006, Main Street Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky hosted a free turntablist show featuring D.J. QBert, Rob Swift, Grand Wizard Theodore, and D.J. Steve Dee.
After the show I saw Steve Dee waiting outside for a cab. I had the phone number to the taxi company in my phone, so I gave it to him so he could call and get a ride to his hotel.
A couple of months later I'm on Myspace and I find D.J. Steve Dee's page, so I add him as a friend. Later that day I see I have a private message from him. He was thanking me for giving him the taxi's phone number. I thought that was really cool that he remembered that.

D.J. Steve Dee signed the front cover of the Scratch DVD.

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