Friday, September 5, 2014

Willie McGee

I met him at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium in Clearwater, Florida when the St. Louis Cardinals came to play the Philadelphia Phillies in a spring training game.

This was probably my most humiliating autograph experience. Before the game, I'm standing outside of the visitor's clubhouse trying to get Cardinals players autographs. Willie must've passed by 3-4 times, always refusing but being very nice saying "I'll get you later." Around the 5th inning, Willie gets pulled from the game. As he heads into the clubhouse I ask again and he says "when I come back out." A few minutes pass and he comes out and heads right toward the bus. I ask again and he says "I can't, I gotta go." As he's saying that, the team bus driver stops him and has him sign a hat for him. I was pissed and yelled out "we pay your salary!" Willie turns around, starts walking toward the small group of autograph seekers, and asks "who said that?" No one stepped up. Willie asked again, "who said that?" Nervously, I came forward and then immediately began apologizing. He stopped me and said, "no, you're right, I'll sign for you." And that's how I got Willie McGee's autograph. A moment I'm not very proud of and one that has never and will never be repeated.

Willie signed an 8x10 photo.

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  1. One of my favorite stories of ours! How awkward and embarrassing... But thank you! If not for your bluntness and flat out honesty, it would've taken us over 20 years to get him!