Friday, December 25, 2015

Paul Owens

I met him at Carpenter Complex, the Philadelphia Phillies spring training facility in Clearwater, Florida in 1996.

My brother, Brian, and I got him at the same time and handed our cards to him simultaneously. As he's signing the first card, his hand shakes as he starts his O, he then says "oops" and continues signing. Immediately, before Mr. Owens has even finished signing the card, my brother says to me, "that one's yours."

Above, are both cards we got signed. Mine on top, my brother's right below it. Sure, I got the messed up O but I think I got the better P.

After he passed away in 2003, Carpenter Complex was renamed, Paul Owens Training Facility at Carpenter Complex.

Paul signed a 1984 Topps card #229.

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  1. I vaguely remember this. But it's a funny story. Looks like I need to re scan my card. Looking forward collecting more in 2016!