Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mike Mimbs

I didn't get to meet him. His brother, Mark, actually got this card signed for me. I got to spend the afternoon in the visitor's clubhouse at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium in Clearwater, Florida in 1996, when the Texas Rangers came to play the Philadelphia Phillies in a spring training game.

Mark and Mike were both starting for their respective teams. When Mark was finished pitching, he returned to the clubhouse and I got to talk to him for several minutes about what it was like to face his brother. When he changed his clothes, he was going to walk over to the Phillies clubhouse to go meet up with his brother. Before he left, I asked him if he'd sign a baseball card for me. He saw that I also had a card of his brother and offered to take it over to him to get it signed for me.

Mike signed a 1996 Topps card #97.


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  1. Very cool story! It is always fun when you can get a little bit of help from the players.