Friday, December 11, 2020

The Sh-Booms

I met them (Mizz Bren, Bryan Sherbrook, Nick Walsh, Al Ruiz, Kevin Connolly, Mike Ortiz, and Davis Schleicher) before their show at The State Theatre on November 18, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I arrived early to the venue hoping to meet Talib Kweli, who was headlining the show. I was unfamiliar with the Sh-Booms, who were opening for him. I had looked them up on YouTube the night before to familiarize myself with their music. When I arrived at the performer's entrance behind the venue, I recognized the Sh-Booms standing around. After a few minutes, Mizz Bren walked by me and I stopped her to tell her that I was a big fan of their song, "Usage Fee."

She thanked me and then told me that she was going to give me something when she gets back. When she returned she told me to come with her to meet the band. She then went inside and grabbed a CD of theirs and offered to have them all sign it for me.

The Sh-Booms signed their Usage Fee E.P. CD.

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