Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Greg Shields

I met him at Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2018, when North Carolina FC, whom he was an assistant coach for, came to play the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

After getting an autograph from Austin da Luz, I saw Mr. Shields and called for him. He looked my way and then continued walking into the clubhouse. I thought that maybe I had called the wrong person, it certainly wouldn't have been the first time that's happened. Several minutes later that same guy walks out of the clubhouse and back onto the pitch. I was hesitant this time and kept my mouth shut. However, the more I saw him as he was working with the players, I was convinced that it was him. When the pre-game warmups were finished, he again walked my way toward the clubhouse. I tried again and called for him, and once again he acknowledged me and I quickly asked him for an autograph. He came over and asked if I shouted him out earlier. I said "yes" and then he apologized. He said he saw Austin signing for me but he hardly ever gets asked for autographs himself, plus, he told me that he rarely travels with the team when they're on the road. I told him that I was very fortunate that he made this trip.

Greg signed a 2003 Panini Scottish Premier League sticker #250.


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