Sunday, May 15, 2022

Nick Belmonte

I met him at the Florida Minor League Camp at Baseball City in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2019.
Nick, who runs this camp, was standing in the dugout underneath the shade so that he could check his phone. When he was done, he started to go back onto the field to join the rest of his coaches. I called for him to ask for an autograph. He comes over and is surprised that I had a card of his. He then says, "wait, you have to ask me in front of the coaches," then he hands me my unsigned card back and walks back onto the field. I yell to him as he's around his staff and he motions for me to walk onto the field. So, here I am, walking past players warming up for the game, approaching the coaching staff with card and Sharpie in hand. I felt awkward but it seemed to make Mr. Belmonte's day as he was proudly showing the card to his staff.

Nick signed a 1991 ProCards card #3227.

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