Friday, December 8, 2023

Don Sheppard

On May 8, 2020, I noticed an account on Instagram that liked 2 of my autographs that had been posted 5 years earlier. I didn't recognize the username but when I clicked on the account I saw the person's real name and immediately recognized it and knew it was someone that I had a card of.
I sent a private message to thank him for liking my posts and mentioned that I had a card of his that I would love to get signed. He said " ain't worth squat" but I told him that I just do this for the hobby. He gave me his address and then I wrote him the following letter and immediately sent it off.

Nineteen days later my card came back signed. I would've had it earlier if I had written my correct address on my self-addressed stamped envelope. The envelope had a yellow "return to sender" sticker on it, so thankfully it still found its way to me, albeit delayed by a few extra days.

Don signed a 1993 Classic Best Dunedin Blue Jays Team Set card #19.

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