Saturday, August 10, 2013

Joe Carter

I met him at Englebert Complex, the Toronto Blue Jays spring training facility in Dunedin, Florida in 1992.

Joe signed a 1991 Leaf card #353. Two Springs later I attempted to get the March and August 1993 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly issues signed. The March issue was easy to get, he even took the time to personalize it for me, which I love. The August issue was a little tougher for me. Roberto Alomar and John Olerud were fairly easy to get since they were very willing signers for anyone who asked. For weeks Joe's autograph was missing from this cover. I'd bring it with me to each Blue Jays spring training game, hoping to finally have all 3 signatures.
One day, my brother, Brian was asked to be a bat boy for the game. Before the game had started, I handed my bother the magazine hoping he could get it signed. A few minutes later he comes out and hands me back the freshly signed issue. Mission accomplished.

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