Friday, August 23, 2013

Sugar Ray Leonard

In 1991, I went to Clearwater Mall in Clearwater, Florida with my friend Joe and his mother. As we're wandering around the mall, I spot a guy in a Hallmark store whom I instantly recognized as the great boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard. He was also with 2 very large men, who I assumed were bodyguards, which only assured me that it was who I thought it was.
As Sugar Ray was paying for his merchandise, I got close enough to one of the bodyguards and asked, "is that who I think it is?" He just smiled and nodded yes. At that moment I pulled a dollar bill out of my wallet and then asked Joe's mom if she had a pen on her. Thankfully, she did. Sugar Ray then exited the store and I politely asked him for an autograph.
Sugar Ray Leonard signed a U.S. One Dollar Bill.

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