Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trot Nixon

I met him at a Minor League game at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium in Clearwater, Florida in 1995, when the Sarasota Red Sox came to play the Clearwater Phillies.

Trot signed a 1994 Classic Best Gold card #3.

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  1. When Trot was playing for the Sarasota Red Sox, he was a hard nosed do or die type of athlete. I remember him striking out against the Clearwater Phillies and taking every ounce of his frustration out on the water fountain in the visiting dugout at Jack Russell Stadium. He took his bat and beat the hell out of it until nasty brown water started coming out. I remember signaling the head grounds keeper to shut the water off. After the game, in the visiting clubhouse, Trot gave me his bat and signed it for me. He's really nice when he's not striking out.